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A selections of articles from Mary Huffman's Music Herald series

Early American Psalmody Part 1, Old Slow Church Music

Early American Psalmody Part 2, Guiding a Sacred Text Through Time

Early American Psalmody Part 3, The Commonest Motion in English Verse

Early American Psalmody Part 4, Singing Lustily and With Good Courage

Early American Psalmody Part 5, Rush On Ye Sons of Harmony

John Rippon: A Person Unknown

Samuel Stennett: A Tongue to Spread His Praise

Lloyd's Primitive Hymns: A Well Adapted Hymn Book

How Firm A Foundation: Full Trust in the Ways of the Heavenly Father

Anne Steele: Gentle Strokes of Gods Chastising Hand

Thomas Clark: Imperfect Strains

William Kethe: No Unready Rhymer

Joseph Stennett: Proper and Beautiful Language

Isaac Watts: Songs Before Unknown

Hymns in the vernacular: Etlich Christlich Lieder, published in Wittenberg in 1524.

Excelling in Voice Ear and Taste for Music

Tunes of the Bay Psalm Book of 1698