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St. Louis Shape Note Singers

Our local singings are cancelled until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Call Dave at 618-444-7828 or email Paul for details as this situation evolves.

The St. Louis Shape Note Singers are a loose affiliation of singers in the old colonial and southern tradition of Sacred Harp singing using shape note notation. We usually sing from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Denson edition, as well as from The Missouri Harmony, 2005 edition, tunebooks whose origins date from the early 1800s. The St. Louis Shape Note Singers are one of several dozen active shape note singing groups across the country and around the world, some continuously active for over 100 years and some only recently organized.

Following this tradition, we do not have auditions, rehearsals or performances as such. We simply gather to sing the music we love. Musical talent or training is not required. We are entirely non-denominational as well, welcoming all regardless of creed or lack thereof.

A complete schedule of singing conventions (and many other resources) is available at fasola.org.

For more general information about shape note and Sacred Harp singing, visit fasola.org. You can listen here, here or here.